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If someone who is fresh out of nursing school with one year of icu experince gets into crna school tells me that the selection commitee is solely looking at academic achievment. I got report one time from this (kid) who got into crna school that could only empty the NG container. He had been working in the icu for six months but his undergrad gpa was 3.85. If you got a RN licence with good grades you will most likely get into school.


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I disagree with "If you got a RN license with good grades you will most likely get into school" Do you plan on being a CRNA chris?



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I probably will apply next year.

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I have similar experience with a fresh graduate. He had like a 3.9 and made 1900 on GRE, but he was a terrible nurse. He didn't want to learn about the unit. He was just "doing time" in the ICU. He got in CRNA school about 6 months after graduation, so all they had to go on was grades. And of course, recommendation letters are bias, so that didn't tell how he really performed. Anyway, I hope he is a better CRNA than he was a nurse because he will be working in the hospital where I am going back to.


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I hope thats not true. I don't think I look good on paper. but I love to learn and have good experince.

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I think there are plenty of people out there with high GPA's and GRE scores who did not get into CRNA school. It is a combination of things that get you in.

Both of the schools I applied to had very specific instructions regarding who was to provide the recommendations. The clinical supervisor was one of those people in both instances. So why would a clinical supervisor write a good recommendation on a bad nurse? Some people just don't make sense, maybe they just wanted to get rid of that particular employee.

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I think that is one of the reasons schools have the interview process, to allow some of us who were not the greatest students in the past to show that we love to learn and are completely dedicated to reaching our goals. I also mentioned in my interview that my GPA had significantly improved as I matured. Most places take this in to consideration.


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I hope you guys are right because my gpa is pathetic. I took all my basic scieces over again and got A's but my overall gpa SUCKS.


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I do not know about specific schools, but most schools here look at the retaken grade, provided there was a decent gap of time between the first time you took the course and the second time you took it. Amazingly enough, most schools are pretty understanding about screwing up the first time around as long a you retake those classes and prove yourself the second time around.


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I tend to agree with what you guys are saying. I plan on applying to CRNA school in 2-3 years. I'm a new grad. When I first entered college I was very irresponsible. I got a full academic scholarship from highschool and graduated with a 4.1 GPA, but early in college I made some bad choices that deeply affected my grades. I made up for this later on, be getting about 80% A's and no C's. When applying for my present job they asked for my college transcript. While looking them over my Manger asked me to explain the reasons for the problems early on. I was honest and explained to her that I was irresponsible but that my later grades showed my true potential. 10 people applied for the position. I was one of two hired. I took this as a learning experience. This is what it's going to be like when I interview for CRNA school. They look at the whole picture, not just one area!

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