Issues in dealing with Borderline's.

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As a new person in the field of Psych, I have found the people diagnosed with borderline pd to be the most interesting. Both in dealing with them and there actions. Most have been in the system for a long time which makes you want to help them get out even more so.

I was just curious how you have had success - or not - in dealing with a borderline patient. What was the approach? How much did the Care Plan come into play?

Another problem I have come across is staff have trouble enforcing the same rules with these pt's and this leads to many added problems.

Any information you great Psych Nurses would like to share, please do!! I woudl love to hear some success stories and how they turned out. :balloons:


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i think borderline people are exhausting. i dont work psych, but i do work ltc and we see our fair share. i think that what you said about the staff not always being consistent with these patients is true. you definitely have to care plan the proper approach and make all staff aware of it. people with BPD are very manipulative and limit setting is most important. the problems i have had with these patients is that when they dont get their way they turn on you and suddenly you are the worst nurse they've ever seen. also many nurses either dont know the proper way of dealing with a manipulative person and just give in to all their requests, or dont want to be the "bad nurse" by setting limits on their behavior. the bottom line is if all the staff are not on the same page you are going to have a problem when you try to set limits.


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they suck the life out of you *sigh* basically it's a personality disorder & trying to change that is like trying to move a mountain one grain of sand at a time. Interesting yes but exhausting & frustrating as well. Firm, consistent limits are a MUST from all staff. Bad enough trying to deal with one really bad BP but to have staff give hard way in cooperating makes it even worse.

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