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Issues with CGFNS

by SandrineRN SandrineRN (New) New Nurse

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I recently started the process of evaluating my credentials with CGFNS and at the moment my documents can't be processed be it say on the Transcript Form that signature not valid. Not sure why that is. I called CGFNS and they claimed to have sent an Email to my school but I called the school and they can't find the email. I don't know if anyone has had such issues and if it was resolved?


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Hi , did you resolve your problem? I have same issues 😞


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Hi there, I have the same issue, but with my Licence. Did you resolve the problem? I feel a little overwhelmed because nobody is saying what I should do to fix it.


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1 hour ago, 33Amb said:

Hi there, I have the same issue, but with my Licence. Did you resolve the problem? I feel a little overwhelmed because nobody is saying what I should do to fix it.

You need to contact those incharge of your license verification if they received and email from CGFNS. My school has replied cgfns so I'm hoping my application goes through. 


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Thank you so much, and good look with your application.

Keep in touch and hopefully all issues resolved as soon as possible.

"There was not a valid licensing authority signature."

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I had a same issue... and CGFNS contacted my nursing school in S.Korea. 

They sent a verification form via Email(nursing school formal domain/ webmail) and one of the office member who work for the nursing school, filled out simple 2pages form then emailed back. But I do not know when CGFNS check that email..... It was a week ago, so I still wait for review. I can't apply expedited service at this point.. just waiting and send email them to check my email validation form..:(

I hope they can finish my file asap.. 


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Hi there, 

I know how frustrating the waiting is.

The officials from my License Validation send the 2 pages required by the CGFNS August 1, vía DHL ( they preferred this way because someone will sign for delivery) and they arrived in August 5. The curious thing happened, meanwhile, CGFNS send another petition for the same 2 pages form to the License validation offices. Since then, I call them every week and they say they are overwhelmed with work load and they currently process documents that arrived in May 2021, and there is no need to send documents once again. The only thing I was left with is waiting for my turn. I advise you to do the same. Keep calm and remember that CGFNS has a timeframe of 25 days to answer emails.

Call them and see what they say, you have nothing to loose. Just ask a simple question.

Good luck and I hope everything goes well.

Thaanks for sharing your experience.:)

I never call them, usually email them and answer time is about 2weeks. I applied CES professional for my NY license endorse to NJ. 
NJ RN license by endorsement, it does not require English score but they added to my application(plus pay 85$). I am not sure it just mistake or change rule.. I feel like problems never end...:(  


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So sorry to hear about the extra charge, I have no idea what that fee is. 
Take care of yourself and good luck!


For Future Nurses

Yes one of my school transcript was rejected because of invalid seal and I couldn't find how to solve, but eventually I succeeded. 

If you have same problem, just know that it will take approximately 2 months to be resolved. Keep on contacting CGFNS and your school and give relevant information to CGFNS, for example school official email and dates your school sent out any email or mail.

Good luck.