Issues with ATT

Nursing Students NCLEX


Hi guys!

I'm just curious how long it took you all to receive your ATT? I paid the 200 to Pearson and applied to the Colorado BON on June 5th along with a ton of my classmates. Some of my classmates got their ATT within two days and I'm about to hit two weeks. I've emailed my specialist who said the initial review process could take 6-8 weeks?! That just seems crazy. I called the BON and said the latest is usually 2 weeks and someone from DORA said some specialists get stuck with more applications.

I got my dream job for a new grad program that starts July 23rd and I'm afraid I won't be able to take the test soon enough to start the position because of something out of control.

Any advice? How long did it take you guys to receive your ATT? Any ways I can try and speed this up? How long did it take for your license to be active after taking the test? My license has to be active by July 23rd to work.

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