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I am seeking for a decent college for nursing program. Can anyone give me some suggestions? I am a resident of Maryland and I will get my associate degree in coming fall semester, my GPA is 3.6 and I am a member of PTK. I will appreciate whatever you can tell me! By the way the school is not limited in maryland, it can be in VA and DC. Thx very much!

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I would recommend looking up your local state board of nursing to see a list of approved programs in the state you are seeking education in and then go from there.

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There is a link to the boards of nursing at the bottom of each page of this website. The MD & VA BoN websites include lists of accredited/approved nursing programs within their respective jurisdiction. Good luck.

Try UMB, Salisbury, Notre Dame of Maryland University, Steveson, Marymount and George Mason. All excellent schools in Maryland/Northern Virginia

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