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Hi all,

I've been working in rehab for about 3 months now. I worked at the facility before graduating nursing school and was rehired after graduation. I've been putting out resumes to hospitals in the area trying to get into a new grad program. Well, after a month of intense searching I've finally gotten a call back for an interview.

However, I feel a bit like a traitor. I've been employed at the facility for sometime, but I would really like to get into the acute side of nursing. The nurses at the facility I work at say the hospital I've applied to is not a good place to work. (I haven't told them I've applied this is just the general consensus on the unit). I honestly take that with a grain of salt. My dream is to get into ICU and here is my chance, but I don't want to be viewed as a job hopper/disloyal employee.

Clearly, I'm not a seasoned nurse. I would appreciate any input from the wiser nurses here. Thank you!

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Go to your interview. Ask questions. Ask for a tour of the facility.

Have the nurses at your current employer actually worked at this hospital? Or is it hear say, or even worse, sour grapes because they feel some sort of rivalry, acute care nurses vs rehab subacute care nurses?

If you want to go the new job, go. Give your two weeks notice at your current facilty, don't burn any bridges and go to the new job. (I am assuming there is no written contract with your current job - that they agreed to pay your schooling for a job guarantee or anything like that.)


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I haven't signed any sort of contract binding me to the facility. I don't want to burn any bridges, the work environment there is actually pretty good. I just want personally to go for it. I think the thing is that when they come some have been constipated or developed skin breakdown while there. This is not all pts just a few.