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Is there work for somewhat experienced RNs in Az


I am planning on moving to az over the summer, around the beginning of aug. there were great relocation packages a couple of months ago but times are tough all over. I would prefer a direct hire position and don't need relocation package, and don't particularly want to sign a contract. I have 9 months med/surg experience and will have a year of L&D experience, as well as about a year of home health experience and have some dialysis exp. I guess my question is are there positions available, I am flexible with dept. and schedule. but I am seeing talks of hiring freezes and the like. So in the phoenix or tucson area are there jobs available???? I haven't started applying yet because times are so crazy and don't think anyone would hire for aug. right now. any comments or advice greatly appreciated.


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For experience there still tends to be a need, at least those that are hiring are doing so with the requirement of 1-2 years of experience. Tucson was big to hire recently. Things change from month to month around here. Talk to a few recruiters, check careerbuilder or jobbing.com . But yes there are hiring freezes in place all over the Phoenix Metro Area.

Of the hospitals in the Phoenix area your best bet might be St Joes from the searches I have done lately. It is a good hospital but they are doing cut backs all the time I have been told but still a good place to work.

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