Wondering if my current job is asking nurses practice outside the scope of a LPN. The job entails a Nurse Telephone Triage Line. The LPN is required to take patients chief complaint, independently choose a protocol using a triage tool baed on that complaint and then recommend a plan of care. Is this technically considered developing a care plan, which would be outside their scope? Seems to be a gray area. 

This employer has been firing a lot of LPNs lately, stating "poor clinical judgment" or "lack of critical thinking". They are replacing them with RNs and job postings used to post for LPNs now shows as RN for the same job. The  primary insurance company for this Nurse Line advertises on its website "Speak with a RN 24/7" 

If this is considered asking nurses to practice outside of their scope, who is this reported to? Would it be the state board of nursing? 

Any input would be greatly appreciated. Thanks smooch in advance! 


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#1, if a protocol is developed, you aren't developing a care plan

#2, this is going to depend on your state nurse practice act. Some states allow LPNs to do just about anything, other states are very restrictive


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It seems the employer recognized poor practice and is taking steps to rectify the matter by getting rid of the LPNs. At this point if they are crossing the line, not worth the effort to pursue it. Center energies on getting out of there before they terminate you too.