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Is there a telemedicine nurse willing to be interviewed for my homework?


Has 12 years experience.

I am in a RN to BSN program. I am giving a presentation over telemedicine. My hospital is just now in the process of implementing a telestroke program in the ER so I have no experienced staff to interview here. If you are willing to give your opinion on a few things, share what would make you an "expert" (not really rigid here, I promise). Please reply or PM me. Thank you so much.

There are many, many such requests from students wanting to interview a nurse on AN all the time. The brief answer is generally, "No, you have no idea who you're talking to here"

If your hospital is instituting a tele-link with another center, the thing to do is to call them and ask to speak to their nurses. You would have the advantage of being in touch with people who know precisely how your link would work.