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Is the Semester Over Yet?


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I don't know why, but these past two weeks have been more stressful than any week in the program so far. I'm exhausted, grumpy, and just not fun. The assignments and tests are crazy. I have 2-3 tests every week, plus homework, reading, and clinical. I'm sure many of you can relate. Four more weeks until summer break and I am so ready.

I'm loving clinical right now. Yesterday was my first day doing actual nursing on the floor. Last semester was a LTC facility, where we focused on the basics. Not to say we didn't do nursing things because we did. Assessment was a big part of last semester, but we weren't really hands on because we were new and really didn't know a whole lot yet.

I was on a post-op floor. They divide us into teams and we all got our own patient. I couldn't imagine having 5 or 6 patients right now!! I was nervous and slow with my one!!! He was an awesome older gentleman. He was a jokester and we got along well. I did vitals every 4 hours, did 2 full med passes with him, and did a head to toe assessment. He was on precautions so I had to gown up every time I went in. By the end of my shift I was remembering to not forget anything before I went in the room. I got to do glucometer readings and figured out the datascope. I also got to chart. My nurse that was with me was wonderful. I always reported all of my findings after I came out of his room and I felt like we collaborated on things like pain management and stuff. She didn't hover over me and kind of let me do my own thing. My instructor was with me though on med passes so I didn't give meds alone.

I thank her for being awesome and patient with me. All of the scanning and things with the med pass was overwhelming. I got to use the pyxis for the first time. I honestly thought this is so where I want to work. I want to do post op care. I know as time goes on I will become faster. But I got a great hands-on experience in the life of a nurse instead of just observing. I thought to myself this is totally what I want to do!!!

The lecture part is killing me. Mental Health, Medsurg II, and Pharm is killing me. I had As in every class going into this week. A couple dropped down to high Bs because of tests. Trying to find the "key" words in questions is hard. Today the difference in the right answer was the difference in the word observe and report. That one tiny word was the difference in the right and wrong answer.

I'm pushing to the end. Tonight, I promised my son and boyfriend I was making a large dinner and we were doing family game night. I said I was forgetting about school for the weekend!! Then, 2 more tests next week, plus a proctored ATI test on Monday.

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Sounds like things are going well! Your clinicals sound very interesting. Enjoy your weekend off with your family, but don't forget to study for that ATI! :-D

(((HUGS))) Hang in there. Just a short while till your break. You will make it!


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I'm right there with you. I'm in second semester as well. Just two more tests, a final, and an ATI exam for me too. I'm just trying to hang on!! I think this entire semester has been a lot more difficult than first semester. I'm desperately trying to hold on to the belief that third is going to be easier (it's peds and OB). I know I'm so totally wrong but a girl can dream, right?

Hope your dinner turns out good!!! The game night sounds great.