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I have just completed my first semester of nursing at our community college. (one of four) There have been recent rumblings that our school is on "the watch list" I have searched the internet HIGH and LOW for an article, a survey, anything with regards to particular schools and thier ratings with nclex scores, retention rates, (just in our first semester we started with 50 and are down to 31) etc. I have searched my states (Illinois) web site of professional regulation and there is nothing there. I have found sites that indicate Illinois as a WHOLE and thier nclex pass rates, however, I am interested in individual schools rates. I would love to compare the local schools. These schools could tell us anything, Dont we all say "My school has a 98% pass rate." Maybe this is true but I want proof. Can anyone help??? Thanks I just want to do my homework for myself :)


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In TX, the monthly (or is it quarterly??) newsletter from the BON lists schools accreditation status. Assumming that you are talking about your school being in the "watch list" for accreditation purposes, this could be a place for you to look at. Of course, your state's BON would have the info too.


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In NC, the North Carolina Board of Nursing posts on their website each school of nursing NCLEX score for the past 4 years. They even break it down and let you know how many students took the test on the first try and how many passed and how many failed. It is only numbers, but this can tell you a lot about a school. For example, just because a school has 100% pass rate doesn't mean its a good school. If the school constantly starts with 100 students and loose half of them, you expect that the 50 left will pass the NCLEX.

I am applying to schools and I am looking at the schools NCLEX pass rate as well as their attrition rates (which can be hard to find). It is a problem if I a school constantly has a 50% attrition rate (meaning they loose half of their candidates that they admitted into the program). I know people leave nursing school for a lot of reasons, but 50 students out of 100 dont all leave because of sickness, finances, etc.

I assumed each state had a record of schools NCLEX information. In NC, it is a good way to pick schools. You do not want to go to a school that has had a horrible history of their students passing the NCLEX. You may try calling the Board of Nursing in your state and seeing if they will send you any information. Nursing is a profession where the school you choose can make a big difference.


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Here is a link that will take you to the BON for any of the 50 states in the US. It gives the BON phone #, address, and hyperlinks to their website. Also has a link on the right side for examination pass rates & licensure statistics. Hope it helps!:)

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