Is this the right choice for me?


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ok, ready for a long story? lol

when i first got my license (ma) i immediately went for my ny reciprocity. i got it, but them family issues hit and i was unable to move. i bought a condo instead and have settled where i am. i love what i do (rehab nursing) but still think about nyc all the time. i'm not married, have no kids and i'm 24. everyone tells me it's the best time to go to nyc and feel it out. i have also been debating going back to school for my adult/geri np, which i would love to do in nyc. i have can easily rent out my condo (i have family and it's by a college) and my mother already said she'd help out and be the "stand in" landlord. i'm just really freaking out. i never really wanted to pay rent and that's why i bought a condo; however i really want to do this and move.

does it make sense to do traveling nursing to nyc and feel it out? i'm not sure if that's considered abusing the traveling nurse position though, esp in this job market. but i also felt it's a good way to get my foot in the door and if i want to go back to school i can work on it and get my own apartment while i'm already in the city. i may also love travel nursing and want to keep exploring other cities, i'm just not sure.

for awhile i was not exactly sure what i want to do, but i have found my niche in rehab nursing. another question is, are there rehab nursing positions available in traveling? one big fear i have is that i won't be able to cut it in a job where i'm new all over again. how have your experiences been being the newbie all the time?

sorry for the rambling, but while i'm proud that at 22 i bought my own condo and have a job i love, but after 2 years i feel stuck and i need to do something!


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you know the answer to the question..... just do it....


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Yeah for real. I love being a newbie and love traveling. I learn so much, and have to know it quickly, hence have a wide berth of experiences. I can work with pretty much every IV pump out there, and am comfortable with almost every patient population (except newborns). Traveling is for those with an adventurous mindset, that are not creatures of habit, and that are flexible to change. If you have those three, you will be happy as a traveler.

Suggestion, just do it. Switch your present job to per diem or take a LOA. That way, if you don't like it, you can always come back to your rehab job. MA is not that far from NY and you will be going home every few weeks to see your mom anyway. Don't rent out your condo until you are sure that you want to be a full-time traveler. The standard travel contract is 13 weeks, so unless you are getting a renter that will be there only for a short period of time, I would suggest keeping your place empty so you can come home.

If you decide to travel longterm, then yeah, rent out your place.


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OHHHH to be 24, single and not a single restriction in the world!!! Girl, the world is yours and you should definitely go for it! I agree about NOT renting out your condo or if you do, allow a 6 month lease. If you're near an international airport, you could rent out a couple of bedrooms as " crash pads" for pilots. That way your home is occupied and your generating some income from it. My husband is an airline pilot and after our kids left for college we rented out 2 rooms and it was very simple and easy to do. The experience you will gain traveling will enhance your skills, teach you so many variations of improvising and different techniques you will be more invaluable than you already are. I wish they had traveling Paramedics ! I would have done it in a heart beat. The only traveling I was able to do career wise was with FEMA responding to emergencies. I now live in the Middle East ( Dubai) with hubby who took international job after layoff in the US. Have you considered traveling abroad ? Its a blast.

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Realize that if you rent out your condo you become an "itinerant worker", lose your tax home status and will then owe taxes on ALL money paid to you by the agency - including per diem, travel money and either housing stipend or the actual cost of housing they obtain for you.

There's more to tax home status than this, but it's important to know.


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thanks for the replies everyone! i'm still weighing my options, and thanks for the tax info!!!


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Take it from someone who is 34y/o, separated from a nasty marriage, starting over, and on her 1st cross country contract. DO IT!!! I'd advise you to leave your place empty and have your mom keep an eye on it. That way 1) You wouldn't have to worry about the tax home stuff 2) If, God forbid, something happens and any party cancels a contract you'll just be able to go home. Should you go again you'll be better off at least researching the tax stuff and possibly getting an acct who can advise you.

Go to they have a lot of good tax info...