Is a "Thank you" email ok?


Hi all,

I had a peer interview for a nursing job I would really like (pediatrics) the other day in a hospital where I already work as an RN in a different unit, so basically it would be a transfer.

My question is this; I had an interview with the nurse manager 3 weeks ago and sent a thank you note via email, would it be acceptable to do the same with the peer interview? It was informal and actually very relaxed which was nice and there was too many staff members to grab all the names. Would it be ok to send the nurse manager a thank you note again via email thank her and her staff for their time, or should I send a thank you note using snail mail?

Thanks for any input!


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I am on the peer interview team, and I would say YES! Definitely send that email. :)


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I think the question was whether to an send email vs. snail mail, If I am reading it correctly. Personally, I don't think you can ever go wrong with a hand written thank you note. People love to get mail, and the interviewer probably gets a hundred emails a day, so a written thank you would probably stand out more. :)

Edited to add: I think it would be ok to drop off to the dept. or hand over a written note to the person- doesn't necessarily have to have a stamp on it ;)