Is there a problem in the Neonatal ICU at UNC?

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I am moving to North Carolina and I was checking out the websites of some hospitals with NICUs to see if there are any full time RN positions open. On the UNC site, there are 21 full time positions in the New Born Critical Care Center. Twenty one :eek: !!! Does anybody who works there know why there are so many openings?

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I do not live there, but please don't assume it is because it's a bad hospital. I will be working at a big hospital in Eastern NC, and they've recently opened a newer NICU. They had about 40-some open RN positions, not b/c people quit or were fired, but because of the demand. They cut off the new hires because (I believe) there wasn't enough staff to train!

According to their website, they service over 50 counties, equalling to about 750 admissions yearly.


I have been told that UNC NICU has the highest turnover rate in the hospital. While I can't say for sure if this is true, I do know they go through alot of staff.

I know several people who work in UNC's NICU and they are very unhappy there. I do not know specifics other than the nurse manager is very difficult to work with. There is extremely high turnover and I would stay away if I were you.


Well there is not problem at UNC...the unit has been really lucky and over the past 2-3 years they've been given an additional 20 positions. Turnover rate for the unit is less than 10% and it's mostly people leaving to get married or be stay at home moms.

Actually the unit has been very fortunate. Over the past 2-3 years they've recieved an additional 20 positions and of course new positions do not come filled...hence the posting of positions for recruitment. The units turnover rate is low, but may seem high in "comparison" to other units. The NICU at UNC is the largest ICU/unit (48 beds) in the hospital. It employees more people than the ED or OR. The over whelming majority leave because of marriage and they move to where their spouse finds a job, to be stay at home moms, or attend graduate school to becoms NNPs/PNPs/CRNAs.

I work at Duke and love it. I also heard that the leadership and UNC is dificult. Good luck, and any questions about our ICN let me know, I also am a Jersey girl too. Where did you work in NJ

Don't know who you've been talking to, but the nicu at UNC is a great place to work. We have self scheduling, really low nurse patient ratios, lots of advancment opportunities, and tons of educational opportunities. The manager is great, and would do anything for you and because of her we have the best led unit in the hospital. Our care of the babies speaks for itself, and I for one am very happy in my job. Don't know why the Duke nurse is speaking out...guess the rivalry runs deeper than basketball! Don't form you opinion on someone who does not work here...check UNC out for yourself.

It was unfair of me to comment on what happens at UNC. We are fortunate that there are a few great NICUs in our area. I should have thought it through and realized that all the postings were around your expansion. Sorry to upset you. Every place has its ups and downs. We all should be proud of our good patient outcomes.

How are things at the NICU at UNC now? I know they have positions posted. Is it a horrible place to work? What are the ratios? Managment?

Any info is appreciated!

How are things at the NICU at UNC now? I know they have positions posted. Is it a horrible place to work? What are the ratios? Managment?

Any info is appreciated!

It's a great place to work. There are a couple of positions open because one nurse became a NNP and another had to leave because of childcare issues. Patient ratios are a great..2:1, or every now and then 3:1. Four days off every week, self scheduling, opportunities to participate in a variety of things, nice group of docs. Managment is great, they'll work and support you, probably the best in the hospital.

Thanks so much for the info! Is staffing time split between the high acuity and the step down nursery, or can you choose to spend most of your time in the intensive care unit? I don't mind taking my turn if necessary in intermediate care, but I don't want to spend half or more of my time in intermediate.

I assume that there are also 1:1 ratios, or are the assignments always 2:1?

At UNC is rotating shifts required, or can you choose to work straight nights or days? Do you know what the weekend requirement is for UNC?

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