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Is the Presbyterian Columbia University Hospital a good hospital ?

My brother is in ICU there. I stay in SC and I feel so helpless. We want get there until this evening.

KellNY specializes in High Risk In Patient OB/GYN.

I can't speak as an employee, but as a former Pt. there, I loved the care I got from the nurses. I was also in the ICU, then step down, then neuro. They were on the ball with getting my meds changed, managing my pain well, etc. Staffing was great on the ICU, Step down not as good (it was mostly nights, and the poor nurse was so overwhelmed, but still did a great job), and on the neuro floor the staffing seemed fair. My room there even had a nice view of the river (as many rooms do-the hospital is right there).

It was also easily accessible via NYC Public transportation (if you were thinking of visiting).

And because it's a teaching hospital, there are tons of doctors there 24/7, so there's no waiting to page a doc at home and waiting for him to get dressed and get there, yk?

Anyway, I'm starting to sound like a recruiter, but I was very satisfied as a Pt there for my 6 or so days. Only complaint was the food--seemed bad even for hospital food.

Hope this helps.

chuck1234 specializes in Nurses who are mentally sicked.

In general, it is good one!

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