Is it possible to finish an ADN in 2 years?

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i have to take prerequisites for my program, which took me 1 year, thay have points ranking addmition so i tried to have As at least Bs. now i am finally in and l;ove it so far.:)

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Can you imagine taking Microbio., A&P 2, and ANY nursing class at the same time? Wow.

I did it for three weeks and it nearly killed me. Literally. I was finishing up Micro, starting the nursing classes, and right in the middle of A&P. I was averaging 4 hours of sleep each night, and I ended up coming down with the flu, bronchitis and pneumonia. I've NEVER had pneumonia before, and I'm generally a very healthy person, so I can only guess it happened due to stress and sleep deprivation. I ended up going to the ED at one point because of a 104 fever.

Anyway, I wouldn't do that again if someone paid me (thankfully I won't have to - my coreqs are nearly done). Sixteen credits, that was.

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