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Is it possible to fail the Vocab Section on the HESI A2?


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I am taking my Hesi this Friday (thank god) and at my school we are having an issue with some people passing the Vocab section.

I am pretty educated and took Med Term and I think that helps quite a bit. I am an older student (32) and really looking foward to hopefully getting into RN school.

Any tips on brushing up on Vocab?

How many ?'s are there on the Vocab section?

Can you really fail it and why do people fail?

Thank You for helping out my piece of mind:)

Can one fail the vocab section? Yep!

Are you gonig to fail the vocab section? Nope!

If you have two things working in your favor. You have been preparing and you have an understanding of med term.

How have you been doing on the practice exams in the study guide?