Is it possible to do EKG and Phlebotomy work while going to nursing school?


Hello, I'm from Jersey. I will be entering my first semester at a local community college. Decided to join the Nursing workforce after my mom had a minor stroke. I wanted to get as much experience doing nursing work and wanted to know if after my first or second semester I can call EKG and Phlebotomy offices to get a job doing both so i can get more real world experience. I want to make sure when I get out of school I know what I'm doing and get the most out of my training. Thank you in advance for your help.

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Probably not just from being in nursing school. If you get your ECG cert. and your CNA cert, then (where I am), you can be a monitor tech in a hospital. Phlebotomy also requires a separate program completion and certification. I know that some areas will allow you to work as a CNA after your first semester of nursing school, so you might go that route if you're not wanting to take a separate training program.

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Thanks, JGardner. I plan on going for CNA since I learned that in NJ you are allowed to obtain work as a CNA after your first semester in Nursing school. Still don't know about the ECG/Phlebotomy. I know Robert Wood Johnson trains their CNAs to do Phlebotomy. I would love to work for them sice they are one of the bigger hospitals in the state.