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Is an Online school accepted for an RN in utah?


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Im gonna start taking my lpn classes in january in wyoming and once i graduate in 1 1/2 years..i plan on moving to utah with my boyfriend and baby and then doing an online school for my rn...Does utah accept that?

hey - and thanks for your message in my post! I will write you back in just a moment. :)

Im doing an RN online program currently - through Excelsior College, and have been told that we could practice here. I'd still contact the Utah board of nursing though - they have a website.

Hi I would strongly advise you to make sure that the school is Accredited. It is a sad day when you have spent all of this money and your schooling causes employers to think less of you *Big tip* The strength of the clinicals help signal the strength of the school. I would absolutely not touch Excelsior with a 10foot poll. They have a very bad rep.


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I would absolutely not touch Excelsior with a 10foot poll. They have a very bad rep.

There is no reason that an individual couldn't become a successful RN by attending Excelsior College. A negative experience with a graduate of any program should not be used to characterize all that have or may choose to attend EC in the future. Any education is as only as good as the amount of effort a person puts into it. Excelsior, without doubt, has put out sub-par graduates but name a university or community college that has not. People do not trust what they don't fully understand.

As long as it is accredited, you're probably okay. HOWEVER, the hospital I work for takes graduates from online schools if no one else applies. Basically they are put to the bottom of the hiring list. I don't know how many other hospitals do the same thing. I guess the moral of the story is I would try to avoid an online school, but I'm sure you will have a successful career either way, it may be a little harder finding a job, though.

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