Is it okay to sell my micro book?

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I want to hold on to my AP books and psychology and such because during nursing school I may need them. I am strapped for cash and I decided to sell back my 180 dollar micro book. Do you think I will be able to access everything I need in NS without it? Or should I keep it to refer to ?


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Yes, I burned mine in the fireplace.


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Yes, I burned mine in the fireplace.


I say get rid of it. I don't think you'll be needing the complete DNA sequence of E. Coli, anyway.


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You will not need your micro book in nursing school I promise!!!!!!! You are going to have sooooooo many books during nursing school that if they all fell on you at once they would probably kill you LOL!!!:lol2: Besides, in nursing school they build on what you have learned in your pre-reqs, they don't directly reference it (except in obvious cases like with A&P) so no one will be asking you to describe the difference between a prokaryote and eukaryote :rolleyes:. You should know your A&P and the "whys" behind things that happen in the body and you should understand acid base from chem but not to the point of doing complex calculations (thank God!). In nursing school it's all about the "why's". Good luck!


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I'd definitely sell back all non-nursing books if I were you...probably worth it to have the cash and you can find anything you need in other sources!

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