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Is nursing that bad?


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Hello all,

I am a prospective career changer and soon to be pre nursing student. For the past few months I have been on this board regularly getting all the info I can regarding the field. While the info has been very helpful, I could not help but notice the amount of nurses who hate the field or regret going into/switching to the field. The idea of changing careers is exciting but I am a bit nervous about leaving one career I am not particularly happy about only to end up in another I could potentially hate, especially with the amount of sacrifice and commitment that would be involved. what are some bad things about nursing? what are some good? I would particularly like to hear from those who are career changers. I need some encouragement :)

Sun0408, ASN, RN

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Ya know, this is a hard question. I do love what I do, I enjoy going to work each shift. I love the codes, the trauma's, the pts that touch your heart.. I love helping those that can't so it themselves. Would I go into nursing if I had a second chance ?? Yep, I would. I think the good parts of nursing out weighs the bad and working nights helps to keep me away from all the upper management BS :)

I dislike the politics of nursing, management that has no idea, new policies that make no sense, the customer service BS, the argument we are highly trained "professionals" but treated like regular laborers. Working long shifts with few bathroom breaks, hardly time to eat etc.. P

Please understand we come here to vent, share and get support. I have many more great/good shifts vs the bad ones.

I think most of the negative posts come from new grads venting, questioning their ability, etc while learning their way, I was there once and it sucked :) The learning curve for a new nurse is steep, scary, and not all places nurture new grads like they should.

Wishing you the best in what ever you decide :)