Is Navy a good choice for a new 40 yo male nurse?


I have been debating for a couple years now to go into nursing and make a second career of doing it in the Navy. I have read alot on here but have a few questions:

1) One coming in as a new nurse at age 40 what are the positives and negatives I would have to deal with?

2) Are there any bias against older medical officers to not keep them for 20 years?

3) What are the other duty station locations on east and west coasts one can request in wish list after 1st station is over? I know the major one's, Bethesda, Portsmouth, San Diego. How easy or hard is it to select an overseas duty station such as Italy?

4) If I want to go back for CRNA or DNP, doctor nurse practitioner ( NP programs will most likely all become DNP in the near future as did for PT's and Pharmacists) how hard will this be for me and how long would I have to wait till I have the opportunity to apply for each? Being I will be 40 yo when I complete and accelerated BSN program, time is not on my side to have to wait along time to pursue either.

5) If I do not make it a career move after the 3-4 year commitment, do I qualify for the GI bill if I have the option to pay into it? I do want this to be a career move however.

6) As a new 01 officer living in Virginia or Maryland, with the housing allowance (living off base) and the 2600 and change base pay, what quality of lifestyle would this equate to in those environments?

7) Also, my wife and I have several interests other than our careers, would I have the time to purue those areas of my life as well. In other words, how is the work life balance? Sorry for the number of questions but changing careers at this point in my life, one needs to get the full story on what one is getting into. Thanks for any help.


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Hey, I have no ground to stand on to give you some info...just some info... I am an aspiring RN nursing student, after I get my RN the Army reserves are going to pay for me to get my BSN....My husband is stationed at Fort Lee and is enlisted.

1. Military nursing can be very rewarding. I am not exactly sure about the Navy, but in the army as long as you are healthy... you can get a waiver for your age, and in the Army, ... as long as you stayed healthy they would keep you for 20 years.

2. you can make a wish list basically the bases that you would like to be stationed at, ...but they are just going to put you where they need you, and medical fields are in dire need, so more than likely your wish list would be overlooked.

3. If you would like to go to NP or DNP school, I know in the Army after you serve a certain amount of time or make a certain rank, you would qualify to attend one of those.

4. I know in the Army if you go in as a nurse... you would be an officer, ... not enlisted, and because medical staff get sign on bonuses and can get schooling paid for Officers do not qualify for the GI bill.

5. If you are going to go into the military prepare your family and yourself that you are going to have to be dedicated to your country... you will have time for other things, but your job comes first!

Hope this helped.

you should go talk to a medical navy recruiter, not a regular recruiter!

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