Is Mosby's Online CAT NCLEX non existent?

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I can't find it available anywhere. Anyone know why they stopped making it? I had discovered it awhile back when a friend was studying and now it is gone.

Any other CAT simulators out there for NCLEX-RN?



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If you purchase the saunders online study plan you will get access to one CAT exam. And if you haven't read the posts yet to your question "Where can I find Saunders Online", you can purchase it through barnesandnoble.

Take care and good luck studying.


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i found it and ordered it. i really need something to help decrease my anxiety about this test. if anyone is interested, here is the link


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Just wanted to update on this. I am totally loving it. I am already feeling more confident about taking the NCLEX. It is a CAT test as well and you don't know how many questions you will get. Then when it stops, it tells you your probability of passing the NCLEX and also what difficulty level you were at. Only question I have is what is the difficulty level NCLEX wants you at...can't seem to find that out.

If your test turns off before 150 questions, mine did both times so far!! (and it said 99.9% chance to pass), you have the option of going to 150 to get a detailed analysis of your strengths, etc. I did that the second time and it was interesting.

So, if you are worried about the boards and want to practice with a simulator, try it out. It is 39.95+tax, but definitely worth it in my opinion. You get unlimited access for 30 days. The only problem I see is that you will get some repeat questions. I had about 4-5 repeats the second time. After more tries I can see that it would be harder to determine how accurate it is. Maybe not, since the test bank is 3000 questions.

Good luck to everyone! I am off to study again and wait for my ATT.

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