Is 6 months too soon to pick up 2nd job?


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I have been an RN for just 4 months now working FT Days on a small med-surg floor (25 beds). I am successfully managing 4 patients during my shift. My manager has stated that if census increases that she is comfortably assigning me to 5 patients. I have had NO delusions thinking that I have mastered the art nursing and I recognize that I still have so much to learn. However, I have started thinking about applying for a per diem med-surg position at another small local hospital. This 2nd hospital is where I did my student nurse preceptorship so I am familiar with the staff, layout, policies, and computer system. My reason for considering this position is that my student loans are beginning to come back in to repayment and I would like to dedicate this additional check to paying them off. When I hit the 6 month mark as a working RN would it be too soon to do apply for this position? Am I setting myself up for failure and burnout? Thanks for any and all advice!


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I would do what you feel comfortable doing. If you work 3 shifts on then 4 off, if you can work a shift or two and still do what you need to do at home and for your real life-outside of work life- then I would say go for it! I have had a full time and a part time job most of my working years because my family needed the income, and I have survived. Of course, now I am older and I am gonna choose to NOT work 2 jobs!!

I might suggest the 2nd job not be the same thing you are doing as that might wear or burn you out some. Maybe OB or Peds, etc for the second job.....