Is an LVN from a trade school transferable to any LVN-RN bridge program?

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I'm hoping someone out there can give me some personal experience or even advice. I plan on getting my LVN throufh a trade school. Most likely Stanbridge University because I'm located in oc. I know all the negative backlash these schools get, etc. but I'm choosing it because it's just simply the best option for me. But I have two major questions????

#1. If I get my LVN from a trade school like American career college, Concorde, or Stanbridge can I apply to any LVN-Rn program like Concordia, Azusa, etc? Or do I have to stay in the trade school system to finish nursing.

#2 If I start part time in an LVN program can I move to full time at any time during the semester in a trade school?

Thank you in advance!!

You can apply to an LVN to RN program, but the coursework from your trade LVN program will not transfer. In other words, you will be required to take all prerequisite and corequisite courses as well as general education courses required for your new degree. This is in addition to the nursing courses. As for your second question, you will have to ask at the school.

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If your plans are to eventually bridge, then I would consider other options. You would be unable to bridge at another college or university because as caliotter3 said above, your credits will not transfer. So you would have to repeat everything. That might be a good option for you if you're planning on working as an LVN and you're okay with paying to retake all of your classes and then your nursing classes. But if that seems like too much, then maybe consider other schools? Even if they require more of a drive because at least with any classes taken at an accredited school, you'll have confidence that you only have to take them once.

I agree with the others, you should find an accredited school.

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