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I recently received my acceptance letter for a Waiting list for a RN program I applied to. However, I was accepted to a LPN program further away. Should I accept the LPN slot or wait on the RN slot in hopes of being accepted soon? I am so confused. I have heard a lot of negative feedback especially from LPNs about becoming a Lpn when you can go directly to RN. My biggest concern is not being able to bridge to RN smoothly in the furture. In addition, I notice that the job opportunities for Lpns are not near as broad as for RNs. On the hand, I don't want to set my self up for diappointment either way. With the current economy, I don't know if I should got with the LPN and be done next summer (2010) ;or if being a RN is worth the risk of possibly not finishing til 2012. Having a more stable career is also a factor. Any input is greatly appreciated.....:confused:


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Of course, you want to go with the RN program if you can get in off the waiting list. But you have no guarantee that this will happen this time around. I would suggest taking the LPN slot for now. Continue with your attempts to get into RN school. Should you be selected off the waiting list, then drop out of the LPN program. Otherwise, finish that program. Then when you apply to RN school again, you will have the added benefit of possessing an LPN license, which will get you points in the admission process or will allow you to gain acceptance through an LPN to RN bridge program. Good luck with school.


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I am not a rn or a lpn but a nursing student hopeful for fall 2009. I am eagerly awaiting word. This is my second career and I decided to pursue what I wanted. It sounds like you really want to become a rn. If this is the case, you should go for what you really want. You have been waitlisted, not rejected. You mentioned that your lpn program is farther away. Do you want to drive a long distance to be a part of something your heart is not in?:heartbeat If you are not feeling it, you wouldn't be able to give the program your all.......Just my 2 cents.:twocents:


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Thanks for your input! I am so far down the waiting list that the nursing advisor was honest about my chances of getting in this go round. Im almost a sure in for next Aug 2010. The problem is, no I really did not want to be a LPN, but by Aug 2010 I'll be finished w/ LPN and ready to work. My current job pays just about what new LPNs make,but my current job is so unstable at this point!


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Good suggestion Caliotter3, I may just do that. Thanks for your input!


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Good luck! If I would have to wait a year AND I could finish the LPN in that time frame- I'd go ahead and do the LPN. The only LPN programs here are two years.

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