Is the LPN market good in CT?


Hi, Fiancé is starting LPN program this fall at Kaynor. We both want to be nurses my fiancé was a bit a head of the game with her pre-reqs being completed due to a previous program completed. However, was wait listed and I don't know what the next option would be if wait listed. I am almost 28 and hoping to be a nurse by the time 32.

Fiancé had stellar grades averaging a 4.0. We both have our bachelor's degrees mine less than stunning at 2.7 and hers being a 3.0. Starting to take pre reqs this fall. Fiancé is encouraging me to sign up for an LPN program with no pre reqs required. I work with a few LPNs who regret it and say the market is not hot in the state.

Defiantly seems a quicker route to having a stable income and being a nurse quicker. Curious on how the market is in CT for LPN smart move?

Appreciate the feedback.

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LPN market isn't good these days. When I graduated in 2008 there were tons of postions open. Only a couple years later there were less and less. Now, even more so.


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I've been a LPN for three years I graduated from Kaynor, and just finished the RN program at NVCC. To be honest, you're better off going directly for your RN. It's a cheaper education than LPN programs if you go to a community college and you will make more money due to more job opportunities available.

Another option is if you already have a bachelors degree there are CT programs for bridging to a BSN degree in a shorter period of time for those who hold a non nursing bachelors degree.

As as far as bridging LPN to RN at the community colleges, the LPN programs that do not require pre reqs do not transfer any type of credit when you continue to a bridge program because you still have to take all of the prereqs and apply with all other applicants. Then if your LPN advisor does not feel you are prepared to bridge you have to take the entire program anyways.

Its a big decision but everyone I come across who asks about LPN education vs RN i always encourage ADN or BSN unless they have a secured LPN position ahead of them such as if they work in a nursing home already and they would plan to work there as a LPN too.


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^^^^ Appreciate the feedback heard mixed reviews a lot of techs still work as techs whole working as LPNs elsewhere. I noticed hospital work at had two LPN openings so thinking maybe market is improving. Saw a few LPN state job's. Thinking going to apply to a regular BSN program at SCSU/CCSU/WCSU