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Is Long term care becoming more disorganized?


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I have been a Long Term Care/Sub Acute RN for a long time.....too long......its wearing me down at my ripe old seasoned age of 58....I feel like Nursing homes are just getting worse as time goes on...or maybe because I am in one now that is so disorganized...I fear for my license most times...My choice was NOT to go back to Long Term Care and to hopefully get into a a medical office...but I see that most places are hiring LPNS for this.....I feel like a discarded old nursing shoe now......so....is it me or is Nursing becoming more stressful and less organized , more complicated than I remember it to be.?

HappyWife77, BSN, RN

Specializes in Gerontology RN-BC and FNP MSN student. Has 21 years experience.

Have you tried a residential position? I am sure you have a wealth of knowledge and experience so don't give up.

I agree it is more forms and regulations and scrutiny are being introduced and enforced....so yea it's gotten more stressful and tedious.

LTC can be awesome if you find a nice facilty. Private pay facilties are much nicer to work for. Try to find a residential private pay. Best wishes.