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The nursing home facility I work for is sending me on doctor appointments I'm only receptionist there. I have absolutely no medical training at all and like in previous posts I've seen they don't care what time your scheduled to be off. Even if I'm scheduled 7am-3pm and the appointment last until 6pm or 7pm. I have seen them send housekeeping workers.They don't ask if your okay with working late they just tell you go, and you can't leave the resident so you can't just leave the appointment and you have transportation so you don't drive yourself. If by chance they do ask you if you have plans or if your okay with going and you say no I can't go then that's a whole nother set of problems. Is this a normal/legal thing first time working in a nursing facility 

Under what pretenses are you being sent to the appointments, in other words, what do they say is the reason that you need to go? If nothing else this sounds like it is not part of the job you thought you were being hired to do.

For that latter reason alone it sounds dumb enough to find a different job.


Most of the time they say they don't have enough aids or nursing staff to go but other times it's just that they refused too so they send one of the receptionist or housekeeping. I am currently looking for other employment LOL.

And again they don't really even give you the option the last receptionist that complained and refused was fired.

if you're hourly, make sure they're paying you for it!

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It's perfectly legal for you to accompany a patient although it's not legal for you to provide care while there so I'm not sure what the point would be.  In terms of the lateness ask if you can meet the patient there 

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