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Hi all! This may seem like a silly topic, but I am curious if anyone else has had the same experience. I am a pre-nursing student and we had a blood drive at our college yesterday. I had never given blood before, but always wanted to do it. I was nervous, as I always am when it comes to someone sticking needles in me.:uhoh3: On the first stick, my vein blows. I agree to a second try on the other arm with success. I am fine, until it's over and then I feel woozy.

I finally get to the table with drinks/snacks, still not feeling the greatest. I'm chatting with a girl next to me, who had just donated too, and she starts to have a bad reaction and pass out. I get up and out of the way so the staff can help her. I felt helpless not being able to help her with the way I was feeling. She ended up being fine after a few minutes, thankfully.

Afterwards, I felt like 'I am going to school to be a nurse, and I couldn't even help this girl who was in distress next to me?' I'm sure it was just that I was feeling like I was going to pass out. I just felt like I failed to step up to the plate...has this ever happened to anyone else? I guess I just need reassurance that I'm not crazy.

I feel like that all the time. I just got accepted into Nursing School, so all my pre-reqs are done. I feel like I have put in so much time learning, but know nothing of use to anyone. I can tell you about bacteria and the diseases they cause, chemical compounds, the name of limitless body muscles and the functional unit of the kidney. But, how does that help when someone is feeling ill? I can't wait to learn the good stuff.:smackingf

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Don't beat yourself up. YOU were a patient too in this situation.. The staff nurse was responsible for you both.

You'll be a fine nurse. :)

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