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Hi I am new grad nurse moving from GA to Minneapolis. I have been looking for a job and I am just hearing call backs from nursing home but none from hospitals. Are these hospitals postponing new grad position because of the coronavirus.


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Hi , I got job offer from one of the hospital in Twin cities. I was March when I got the job offer, but they on freeze hiring right now. Hopefully this May or June my orientation will start ?


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Thank you for the response! I called literally all the hospitals in twin cities and they said they are not hiring new grads at the moment. Currently took a position at a long term care position for now.

also congratulations on you new position! I wish you all the best. Hopefully they start the new orientation soon ?

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Not near Minneapolis but further (Northern or Southern MN, and near ND/SD borders) areas always hire nurses because everyone goes to big cities, and there is always nursing shortage (ADN or BSN positions) even if there are new grad hiring and nurse residency programs in rural areas.

Not only medical centers and clinics, but also nursing homes, assisted living, IHS connected facilities... etc. Search wider, maybe.

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