Is there any hope from here? ?


Hello. So, I started college four years ago and totally ruined it! By ruin I mean fail 4 classes in one semester. I quit school, had a little one and tried school again, and failed. I thought i couldn't do it. Well another child later and I'm back in school. I started last semester with English 1010 & a pre college math. Aced both of them with 96 in English and 98 in math. I know I can do the work and make A's but will it be enough to get in nursing school considering all my failed classes? Thanks in advanced.


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Ask your school if they have academic forgiveness. It will wipe your slate clean from the past failures.


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I had a two hour meeting with my advisor and he pretty much told me i can retake the classes but he don't know if the old grade will come off or not.


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Well that doesn't really help. Maybe talk to the head of the nursing department?


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It all depends on the school and program to which you're applying. Some schools will look at your cumulative GPA, while others will only be interested in your prerequisite GPA. If any of the classes you failed are prerequisites (as specifically stated by the program) then you should definitely retake them. If they aren't prerequisites, or are merely a "prerequisite for a prerequisite", i.e. Chemistry being a prerequisite for Anat/Phys, but Chem itself isn't a prerequisite for your program, then be judicious with those classes. You may need them in order to get to the classes that are most valuable towards being admitted into a nursing program. Also, from what I have read on here some schools will only allow a specific number of retakes, so be careful. Good luck!

I had a terrible educational history, (academic probation, etc.) but I have turned it all around and have a near perfect record for my recent grades. I'm now applying to nursing schools and I have made my past failures an asset, because I was able to overcome them and have learned from my mistakes. You can do this!!