Is the home health aide required to take vital signs on each homemaker visit?


I'm new to home health and still learning, don't be too harsh if this sounds like a stupid question.

Have a patient with an order for 5x/wk homemaker(light housekeeping, cooking, laundry) services.

(1) Is the hha or cnt required to take vital signs on each visit? If so, what parameters should be reported to the RN

(2) Is the hha or cnt required to write a daily narrative note(i have a aide visit sheet where tasks such as bathing, grooming, cooking, or whatever was done during the visit is checked) ?

(3) Is a plan of care/treatment plan(like the one done for skilled nursing) required for a personal assistance service patient? If so, is a 60day summary required?



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There will be a sheet as part of the care plan that will list your tasks for each visit. Vital signs are usually listed for all visits, but not necessarily. Ask your supervisor if there is no task sheet in the home or it is not part of your time sheet.


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If you are to supervise HHAs, then you should be privy to their task sheets and paperwork. Ask your supervisor for this info.


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All of these questions are specific to your agency, please ask your supervisor.