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Is this a good home health agency?


I recently relocated to SC after things went poorly for some months. I also happen to have some relatives here. I used to live here as a kid and frequently visited. But I am finding that a lot of the LPN opportunities are relatively few, low paying and mostly 8 hrs. I'm literally getting paid half of what I used to make in Seattle and NYC. While COL was higher in those places I also saved money.

I've managed to find an agency that will pay me around $22/hr. which is the best it gets considering other jobs in the area pay around $17-$19 an hour. I work in home health and enjoy doing that.

I am noticing a few things about this agency. Their DON mentioned they can be picky about who they hire and how they have a ton of applicants. I find it problematic they seem to be the only agency that pays fair rates. I also let it be known that I am looking for full time hours. But I had to find out from another nurse that the agency operates on a rotating schedule, and things are first come first serve scheduling wise. I am on a case that is 12 hours and has great need for night nurses.

Is this agency good? I was also told by the owner of the company I'd be meeting with him only to meet with an RN (his wife) and the DON.

I'm not trying to be nitpicky, but I wonder if I'm right to worry about job security. I only got 18 hrs this week and I'm not sure if I'll be working 36 every other week, which isn't what I had in mind at all. I am thankful I am living with step dad and don't have to cover major bills, but I am also not too keen on living off of him for more than a few months. I've worked for 2 other agencies and have always had a set schedule. I also had to regularly turn down opportunities bc it seemed the agency always needed a fill in for a shift. But this agency seems like it has very limited slots and too many applicants which seems unusual to me. 

I've already decided I'm going to move onto a nearby major city that's an hour out bc frankly I'm seeing far too many cons to staying here. And there appears to be more opportunities there. Also I discovered I hate living in a rural area.

What do you guys think?


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Sounds like your internal warning alarm system is ringing and you're hearing its alarm. Listen well to it!

My guess is that that agency is THE ONLY one nearby for miles & miles & miles. And when one has such a singular monopoly, it can make all the rules it wants, and you're just stuck! Like 'love it or leave it'.

I do think it's rather tacky & cocky for that owner to be bragging and showing all his 'power'. I think he's trying to impress upon you how dependent you are for his 'consideration'. Like you're so lucky!

And just a thought - I wonder what his client cases are like. Esp since he seems to be paying better wages than others. Might they be the proverbial 'clients from hell'?

You can give it a try, but personally, I'd keep looking. Even if the money isn't there. That's prob just how it is in more rural areas.

Please, keep in touch about your situation. It freq serves as a learning experience for other nurses, esp INexperienced ones or newbies.

Good luck to you

Thank you so much for your response! I really appreciated it. I am currently working on driver's license and with the test being modified I'm certain I'll get it soon. That's literally the only thing keeping me here. I'm lucky I've managed to find a way to work. But pretty soon once I get a car and license I'm outta here. I'm still really upset I wasn't told about the real hours. I made great money in Seattle and had a good standard of living. While there's a lot going on there I am strongly considering moving to the Tacoma area sometime next year. 

Good to know I'm not being paranoid. I have a good sense of intuition and I haven't always heeded it. 

The DON was the one playing up the agency who's a different person from the owner. Even though the DON said she liked me I plan on moving on when something better comes along. I think it says a lot about the agency allows such a person to be in that position. 

Edit: there are other agencies in the area. But the pay is crap and about the other half are visiting nurse only. And since these agencies offer mostly 8 hrs I'd be working 6 days a week if I needed overtime. No thanks!

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