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Is the family the real supervisors in Home Health?

by Bala Shark Bala Shark (Member)

I am a recent graduate...I dont have too much experience in nursing...But I did work at a couple of LTC facilities..I knew who the supervisors were..

Well with home heatlh..The family members are the supervisors and they are the ones evaluating the work that you do..Do you agree with me? I know my hiring manager is sitting in the office about 35 miles away from me...

No more than families of pts in hospitals or LTCs. I do have one pt whose wife watches very closely, but she would watch that closely even if her husband was an inpt somewhere. My supervisors are in the office, and the ones I work with really do supervise......they are closely involved in the clients we have and the care that we give. We have team conferences weekly to discuss new pts and problem pts, to get feedback from other staff.

My coworker did not see the hiring manager or the office in six years..He told me after he got hired, he never been back where the supervisors were..

Basically, I think there are a lot of employess...I know the two places that I have there are 6 employess including me..And I know that they are about 2 more since I seen them before..There are also home health aids..And they have a lot of other assignments that I am unaware about..

No, we do not have team conferences since most of the time is spent out in the home and on the road..

I guess we do things differently. We have team conferences every week about new pts and recert pts. We also have a Mortality and Morbidity conference with our medical director, where we bring up deaths and problems to get his input on. All of our field staff are in the office at least 2-3 times week, if not every day.

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