Is FAHC really that bad?

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Hello -

I am moving back to Vermont after living in California for 9 years. I've been an RN for two years working on med/surg. I've already gotten my VT license (which came amazingly quick by the way). Now am looking into employment at FAHC or wherever. I've heard some bad things about FAHC. Is it really that bad?

I've definitely heard some great things about Dartmouth Hitchcock in NH. Is it worth the drive? And, do you have to apply for a NH license to work in NH? Probably, huh?

Just wondering what people think! Thanks in advance for your comments.

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Sorry, I don't know anything about FAHC but your post caught my eye. I'll be moving back to Vermont after almost 16 years in California. I just finished my LVN and will be starting on my RN on August 23rd.

Can I ask what made you decide to go back? I miss almost everything about Vermont. I wish I had never left.

Hope everything works out for you. I hope to be back there within the next two years.


I know this is a few months old .... but I work at FAHC and it's totally fine. I relocated up from Long Island last year and have had no problem adjusting. I came from a Level 1 academic trauma center and it's very similar. The only thing noticeable is the volume of patients is much lower.

Let me know how you made out and if you have any specific questions about FAHC or Burlington.

Good Luck!

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