Is Excelsior online ADN going to be difficult to get a job?


I am considering enrolling in Excelsior's online RT to RN course. I am concerned that they do not have alot of clinical experince. Also, when I did some checking around, i found that hardly anyone is willing to hire a new grad. They want 1-2 years experience. So my questions are this:

Has anyone here graduated from Excelsior and had a hard time finding work?

How can I get experience if most employers want experience?

I am living in PA and am a Respiratory Therapist with over 12 years experience. Any suggestions would be appreciated. I would hate to invest time and money into a career I can't find a job in. Thanks!!

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Excelsior gives ZERO clinical experience. ZERO.

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no clinical expierence...i wouldnt waste my money...ijs