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Is this even ok? Nurse strapped for time.


I recently got a job at a skilled facility. We have between 19 and 20 patients each. On weekends were expected to do our treatments. On weekdays I have a treatment nurse. We only work 7 hrs. As they cut our hours. I have no time to do treatments on Saturday and Sunday. We're already strapped for time when we don't have to do treatments. I'm starting to feel stressed. Is this even legal staffing?

Actually pretty typical staffing for a SNF

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Yep, it's perfectly legal...legally mandated nurse/patient ratios are not applicable to skilled nursing facilities. In addition, 19 to 20 residents in the SNF setting is definitely within the realm of reasonable possibilities.

Here's a tip: spend no more than 10 minutes with each resident during med pass. Quickly change their dressings at the same time you pass meds. The residents are not our personal friends, so there's no reason to linger and schmooze with them unless an emergent change in condition is happening.

Good luck to you.

Yes, but you have those residents who take 20+ to take meds

Do you have the once a day treatments split up between 3 shifts? Time meds together as much as possible? Make sure med cart is stocked well at beginning of med pass to avoid needless trips to med room?

No for some reason all of am does the treatments for the day. Some are simple, just nystatin powder or cream. My issue is I'm usually not done until 1130. I clock in a 630. Then about 5 residents have medications after noon. There is no prescription pouring of medications. If something comes up that holds up time. Before we know it its 230 and time to clock out. Facility penalizes for OT. I just need a new job.

Sounds like they could do some things to make it more manageable for you and other nurses. Working in SNF is very hard job but also very rewarding and fun if you find the right facility. Good luck in your job search.

That's why I will never go back to a SNF/rehab. I refuse to do that to myself.