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I just got back from a job interview at a small hospital and as long as my references check out good, I'm hired. Here's my question: I'm a new grad and I'm wondering if 3 weeks of orientation is enough??? I've heard only good things about this hospital. A friend of mine started working there immediately after she graduated and passed boards and 3 years later she still thinks the place is fantastic. The nurse manager said the group I would be working with on midnights is great, very helpful and friendly. She also said that I should never be afraid to ask for help once I'm off orientation because everyone works well together and are usually more than willing to help each other out. She also said that after 3 weeks of orientation, if I'm not comfortable yet then I should go see her and they can give me extra orientation time. I'm thinking "Yeah, right. She's probably saying that just so I'll work there." I called my friend and she confirmed what the nurse manager said. Apparently you have up to 7 patients max on the midnight shift, usually 5 during an "average" census. I would be working 12 hour shifts (7p-7a) and 1 weekend per month. I think I would really enjoy working there. Any advice/input on this is greatly appreciated! Thanks!

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Wow! That place sounds great! All I can say is Good Luck and I think you'll do fine! Especially if the nurse manager says to come to her if you do not feel comfortable with three weeks orientation and they will keep it up awhile.... good deal!

I think having a friend that works there who gives input is valuable, too. Talk more to her about it! Has she ever come to you with doubts before?

The best of luck to you!


Congratulations on your new job!! It sounds like a nice set up. I would "go for it". If your manager said she'd give you extra orientation, then I'm thinking she would. When I first started nursing many many years ago we had 6 weeks orientation. But, it seems we are more conservative these days. Actually, by the last of the weeks we were working on our own and had another nurse to "buddy up" with us. I bet you'll do very well and best wishes.


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Sounds like 3 weeks will be fine if the offer for extended orientation is genuine.

Your manager sounds too good to be true. I hope this situation pans out for you.

Good Luck!


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Thanks for the support and encouragement! I was a little concerned about the short orientation time. Another hospital that I'm scheduled to start at on Oct. 5 offers 3 MONTHS in the preceptor program. I really liked that idea, however, I did my clinicals in that hospital and it seems like nothing but back-biters there and everyone has the own little clique. I even had nurses try to set me up to get me in trouble (they also did that to classmates). :(

The other hospital that I had my interview at today, everyone seems to work well together. A friend of mine was a patient there a few years ago and she said all the nurses were great and everyone seemed to work together. The nurse manager seemed VERY nice. She told me I could go to her no matter what. I'm just hoping she wasn't too good to be true.

So, overall, do you think 3 weeks orientation is ok for a new grad, as long as I can get that extended if the need arises? I'm pretty excited!


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12 weeks for new grads at my hospital. 3 weeks seems slim to me for a new grad. Every place is different though and every nurse is too...If your manager said you could have more orientation if you feel you need it, that's a good sign.


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With a supportive staff 3 weeks will likely be fine. Better there than with backbiters no matter how long they orientate you. congrats.

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Hi Scarlette,

I did the new grad thing just a year ago, so its fresh in my memory still. My advice is to see how you feel by the middle of your last week. If you are really lost, then take up the manager on her generous offer. I think that most hospitals WILL extend orientation for those who need more time. 3 weeks is this hospitals particular average apparently. I think that 3 weeks is a bit short. I would push for 4-5 if you need it.

Good luck!



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I got the job! Hooray! I'm so excited!

I went out with 4 of my classmates last night, 3 of which that are working at the "other" hospital. One told me she was "set up" twice within the last week! :( She said the nurses there do nothing but talk badly about them and will do nothing to help if she asks a question. Another classmate is totally disgusted and thinking of quitting there already and going somewhere else. I'm glad I decided not to work there. The 3 month preceptor program sounded good, but from what my classmates are telling me, the nurses are treating them badly. I hope the hospital I chose to work at is better. From what I've heard the nurses are VERY happy to work at the hospital that I'll be starting at. I've talked to a couple of them, and to some of their, here's hoping that it all works out! :cool:


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Sounds Wonderful! Where is this sm rural hosp. Maybe I'll

move. Good Luck and Prayer always brings peace.

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