Is your employer paying for you to get a degree?


I've known about tuition reimbursement for years now, and I later realized that there are other ways employers help their employees with getting a college education. You hear a lot about people getting jobs and the employer pays for them to go back to school. However, you hardly ever hear specifically which jobs are paying for people to get an education. I wasn't certain until I saw it with my own eyes last night. Example: Emory has a Courtesy Scholarship for employees who have worked for them 12 to 24 consecutive months. The scholarship pays for the employee's tuition. Are there any other healthcare employers out there that have an opportunity like this? This could be really beneficial to some people and give them hope. If you are getting help from your employer to get your BSN, then please feel free to share your experience. Are they working around your class schedule? Was there a yearly commitment made in exchange for your tuition being paid? Please be as detailed as possible. Thanks a bunch.:)

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Emory used to offer a true "courtesy scholarship" that paid 100% of tuition. In recent years it had been cut to 80% of tuition. Recently, they have reduced it further, so that they cover 80% of tuition capped at $7500/year WITH a requirement to work for Emory 2 years after graduation. $7500 does not even cover one semester at Emory (although you can use the benefit at any school, including GSU). Keep in mind that the benefit is also taxed, so you are actually receiving less than the face value of the payment.

At this point, are there any "true" courtesy scholarships out there that still pay 100%?


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Wellstar Hospital offers scholarships for nursing students and they pay 100% of your college tuition. It's offered to GA highlands and Kennesaw State students and also to Wellstar employees. Keep in mind that you have to commit to work for the hospital for at least 2 years I believe before the loans are paid in full after graduation.