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Is diabetes considered a syndrome?


I know this may be silly but is diabetes considered a syndrome?

Originally I said "no" because I thought a syndrome was a group of symptoms that are fairly specific to a certain diagnosis. However, some people have been saying that it is because of Metabolic syndrome.

Can somebody please clarify this for me

firstinfamily, RN

Has 33 years experience.

A combination of symptoms can be lead to help diagnose diabetes---frequent urination, extreme thirst, weight loss etc. The Metabolic Syndrome is a combination of symptoms/characteristics that lead to diabetes. Diabetes is the lack of the pancreas ability to produce insulin---this varies in every patient with diabetes. There is a genetic component in that if primary family members have diabetes most likely a person will develop it as well. The metabolic syndrome has been linked to diabetes because of the high incidence of those pts who have the characteristics of metabolic syndrome develop diabetes. With genetic engineering we may see a decrease in diabetes in the future.