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Is this considered acute care experience??



I received a job offer from a pediatric rehabilitation hospital. I would be hired into their acute units and cross trained into their sub-acute units.

Being a new grad, I am a little weary of taking this job because I don't know if this counts as "acute care" experience as these patients are not here for long-term care (like a SNF). I also am worried about the possibility of this job will affecting my ability to obtaining a Hospital job in the future... So I would love input .. TIA!

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Rehab is not viewed as acute care experience. That being said, there aren't enough hospital jobs for every person that wants one and the future is going to lie in subacute care. Depending on how long you have been looking and the job market in your area, this may be a very good offer. Always remember that RN experience is always going to get you further toward your goals than no RN experience. As a new grad, you have one year from the time you graduate to secure work before you fall through the cracks into the "old new grad" category. At that point getting any job gets much, much harder.

Congratulations on your offer and good luck!