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Is there a conference in your "neck of the woods"?


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i'm making a sticky--if there's a neonatal conference in your area, list it here. be sure to include all pertinent info, including dates, places, and, most imp't, a website (or contact) to find out more.

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Award Winning Neonatal Care

Napa, CA, Embassy Suites

Feb 25-27 2007

Sponsored by the California Chapters of Neonatal Nurses.

pm me for contact info, I don't want to just put the name and phone # in the post, and there's no website.

The National Conference of Neonatal Nursing is in new Orleans April 26-28, 2007.


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There is a Neonatal Symposium in Greenville, SC sponsored by the Carolina Association of NNP's at the Greenville Hyatt on April 19th & 20th focusing on advances in neonatal care.....

prmenrs, RN

Specializes in NICU, Infection Control. Has 42 years experience.

Advances in the Art of Neonatal Care

June 14, 2007 Riverside, CA

8am - 5pm

Location: Courtyard by Marriott

1510 University Ave Riverside, CA 92507


Contact: Pro Ed





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1st European Conference on the Kangaroo Mother Care method

6-7 October 2008 Uppsala, Sweden

Main topic: Why KMC in a high tech setting?

Target group for the conferenceare persons involved in maternal and child health care, perinatal, neonatal, and pediatric care, and peer counsellors - irrespective of profession.

Key note speakers:

Nils Bergman, South Africa

Nathalie Charpak, Colombia

Melvin Konner and Susan Ludington, USA

Kerstin Ulvnäs Moberg and Ann-Marie Widström, Sweden

7th International Workshop on Kangaroo Mother Mother Care

8-11 October 2008 Uppsala, Sweden

Target group: Persons, involved in clinical work, education, administration or research - irrespective of profession. The number of participants is limited to 100 and will be distributed between countries to obtain optimal distribution.

Workshop goals: To discuss obstacles to and possibilities for KMC in high tech settings as well as in settings with limited resources, and the revised WHO guidlines for KMC, currently under preparation.

:welcome: to Uppsala, Sweden

For program and further information see:


email: kmceurope08@akademikonferens.uu.se


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Does anyone plan on attending the neonatal conference in Las Vegas?

Here is the link:


I'm trying to get some of my co-workers to go, but I don't think they can make it. Maybe there are some folks on here that would want to go as well and we can plan together. I live & work in the San Francisco bay area.


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