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Is Community College Bridge to BSN a Good Idea?

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Dear Nurse Beth,

I am a mom of two kids, ages 6 and 3, I live in Los Angeles, and am finishing up prerequisites for either a post-bac BSN at a Cal State or an ADN/BSN program at a community college in Los Angeles (they have partnered with Cal State to offer the ADN/BSN 2.5-3yr track). I am also probably interested in pursuing an advanced practice nursing degree.


I also have some interest and some experience in the fields of Child Life and Lactation.

Dear Los Angeles Mom,

The community college to bridge route is a great option. ADN to BSN collaborative programs offer dual enrollment by holding a spot in the BSN program for students attending the ADN program at a partnering community college. Typically community college tuition is less than that of a Cal State or four year institution, so you save some money.

All around, it's a flexible alternative to the traditional BSN program. From there it's a seamless transition to an advanced degree.

Good luck to you in whatever path you choose.

Best wishes,

Nurse Beth

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