Is this common?

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I'm orienting to a new position, I'll be doing 12 hour NOC's in a facility that offers memory care, LT and ST/Rehab, I'm on the rehab side. There is a client there that "prefers to take her own meds", except she doesn't. I'll bring in her 6am pills and there will be a cup full of a colorful variety of who knows how many days worth of pills. There is a form in her chart about self dosing, but she's the only one who has signed it, no return demos or understanding of meds has been acknowledged. Of course, part of self-dosing is actually taking the pills!

So, rock and a hard place: I supposed to watch her actually swallow the pills, correct? Or do I go by the form that really is pointless? Any advice?



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Do others know about her non-administration of meds? Like your DON, her family and esp her MD??? Making sure they all know is an absolute! And she needs to be care-conferenced, if it hasn't been.

That'll jump out big-time to survey.


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Other nurses know it goes on, beyond that, I can't be sure. Should I be initialing the MAR when I know darn well she didn't take what I brought her? She shaped up when State was there a couple of weeks ago, but only during those few days