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Is the CNE worth it to teach as faculty?


Specializes in Instructor of Nursing and Med/surg nurse. Has 13 years experience.

Working on my PhD and considering taking the CNE ( my MSN is educator). My question is it worth it or desirable to obtain a CNE for faculty positions?


Specializes in oncology. Has 44 years experience.

I don't know what the current thinking is. Right after the certification was introduced many nursing faculty took the test as a way to demonstrate competency or as a talking point that they were competent. I did not feel the need to complete that particular test. I attended a MSN program with a specialization of nursing education/practitioner. I had many credit hours devoted to counseling students, creating tests and clinical evaluation. Also supervised student teaching with clinical. At the completion of my program I had a 2 day comprehensive exam that was all essay response. What more did I need to prove my competency? At the point the CNE came out I had taught for over 20 years. My Dean at my employment took it and always made a point of citing that accomplishment in potential new hires. I think it is beneficial if the educator has not fully immersed themselves in the field of nursing education. However for me, no. I did complete and pass a certification in Medical-Surgical nursing (ANA) when the certificate was introduced. Honestly, I think the tests are a money grab.