Is being a CNA give you a better chance at getting into Nursing School??

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Hi all,

I just wanted to know if you think being a CNA will give me a better chance when applying to nursing schools? l am a certified medical assistant but haven't worked in the healthcare field for over 10 years now. I have to take my science pre-req's this fall and spring and then I will be applying to RN or BSN programs for 2010.

Do you think I should take the CNA course and try and get a job doing that for the year before I apply?

Any suggestions will help.



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Your university should provide you with a list of considerations used for appointing applicants to available slots in the RN program. For instance, being a CNA does not give you preference for the ADN program at my college, however, it is a pre-req for Nursing 101.


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It really depends on which nursing school you're applying to. Some give extra points for working as a CNA. Some give extra points to you for just having your CNA certificate. Some don't care at all!

The one I applied to had a personal essay and they told me that including my experience in my CNA class really helped me out. I've never even worked as a CNA, but the fact that I had taken the class and enjoyed it gave me an edge in applying to nursing school!


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I think it would if you had like a lower GPA than what they usually accept people into the program. With the experience you'd have a better grasp of nursing so they'd be willing to take a chance with you. I don't think it would get you in over people that haven't but I think if they were on the fence about your application that would push it over to the acceptance side.


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My school requires a CNA. You dont have to work as one but you have to have the CNA liscence. I think if nothing else it'll be good expirience.

Good Luck!


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Thank you all for your advice and suggestions.

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