Is being case manager plus to future business planner?


Hi, I am ER nurse who's been in the bedside field for almost 2 yrs. To keep things short and sweet, I have been looking into the CM specialty for a while. I have read about the nice things for being a cm, you get treated for the quality work you do, hospital and docs appreciate you, etc, but I am also sure there are dark sides in it just like every other job. But overall, I believe it could suit me much better than direct care, plus I want to learn the business/financial side.

I would like to think myself as more business-minded person rather than the traditional lovey-dovey caring compassionate bedside nurse type. I only have done it for 2 yrs and already tired of it; simply there are just too much negativeness and ugly things that make one very jaded and indifferent to another human being, and I can't do anything with life due to 3-4 12 hr nights.

I want to start my own business later down the road and I don't think bedside nursing is going to teach me much, but at least cm is management type job, and you get to meet more people in business/fiance world; I could do business in totally different thing (bakery, coffee shop, cell phone store, who knows?), and I want to learn something from the job before it comes. So in you thoughts, how much would cm help you to start a business in the future?


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i will take that as a no.

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i will take that as a no.

Did ER help you with starting a business? As with anything (field, specialty, etc...), work experience in varying areas may help with future business endeavors because of the skill sets and connections you may receive. On the other hand, I doubt you will start a business becoming a case manager that you could not have started without doing so... In fact, I know a few nurses that own B&As and HH agencies and did not ever work as a case manager. In fact, most were staff RNs when they started their side businesses. So , good luck!