Is career in medical field just like any other job?


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Can career in patient care compare to any other job?

I haven't done that much job hopping, but it seems to me that a profession that involves caring for people at their most volnurable state is not like any other.

For the first time in my life I see that my work ethic (precision, punctuality, dedication , etc) is significant and is "a must" attribute as oppose to a bonus quality.

Whatever feelings i take home with me, do not comapre to any other feelings I used to bring home from previous jobs.

what do u think?


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You are absolutly correct, we all feel this. If only the suits up in their rug covered office sitting up at their mahogany desk would have some sort of comprehension of what being a nurse means. They think of us as labor. No different than people in an assembly line putting oranges in a crate. Beat'em down on wages and benefits, make more profits, that what they think. If the peons complain, bring in foreign labor.


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Careful Anagray, You are waking me up. It's been so long since I worked in any other field besides nursing, that I just never thought about nursing as compaired to the rest of the world. There are few jobs that I can think of that require the "precision, punctuality, and dedication" as you so eloquintly put it! Those three words are what is waking me up here. Whoa! I forgot that other careers consider these to be attributes, rather than a 100% demand at all times. The only other jobs I can think of that may equate to nursing, in those terms are: race car driver due to the life and death issues of the wrong move and your out, late for the race...hang it up, and w/o just wouldn't happen. Lets see, what else? Airline pilot, maybe doesn't require the same amount of dedication perhaps, and they are always late.

Hmmm, Doctors and dentists need to be precise but punctuality isn't an issue for most of them. Gee, I'm having a hard time thinking of any others. Paramedics maybe? Oh that's right they are all in the medical field too. So they don't count.

Well that just leaves the race car drivers, who can make 7 figure incomes. LOL.

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