Is BLS cert good in all states?

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Hi all. Wondering if a current CPR or BLS card is good and valid nationwide or only in the state where you were certified. Thinking of moving and endorsing my nursing license to another state and then got to wondering if I might have to re-certify again for CPR card again in the new state? Didn't see anything mentioned on the American Heart Assoc website.

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AHA certifications are valid anywhere. It just depends on what the individual facility accepts. You won't need to redo BLS as long as you have a valid card.


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Glad to hear that! Finally one thing that that I don't have to contend with out of state.


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This question was asked before, yesterday or the day before. CPR is CPR, no matter what state you are in. The American Red Cross and American Heart Association are nationwide organizations and their cards are good throughout the nation. There is no reason to think that CPR taught in Kansas is going to be any different than CPR taught in Illinois. Since the NCLEX is the NCLEX, another nationwide evaluation, there is no reason why there should not be a nationwide nursing license. But that makes too much sense.

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